7 cool gadgets to make your photography experience more interesting and fun
A guest post by Alia Haley

Photography is a field that ranges from creative photography, action photography, macrophotography to microphotography. Whether you are a professional photographer working in photojournalism or an amateur photographer, having few essential gadgets on your side could make your work far easier. Additionally, having some gadgets like miniature replicas of a DSLR could be fun. Here are some gadgets you can consider having with you.

1. The Secret Spy Lens
Irrespective of whether you are into photojournalism, trying to capture a crime scene, or doing street photography, spy lens are meant to capture scenes that ought not to be captured directly. If you are avidly into photography, you may not know when you might need a secret spy lens. So having it handy is certainly going to help you. Normally, you focus a camera in the direction you want to shoot. With spy lens, you do the same, but the additional secret spy lens would allow you to capture other sides like right, left, up and down without needing to alter the position of the camera. So the onlookers would think you are shooting in the direction of your camera’s focus, while you could be shooting something else.

Opteka Right Angle Spy Lens

2. Corner Frames
Anyone who is in to photography has a penchant for being creative. Photography is a field where you can be as creative and expressive as possible. If you are looking for ways to augment your creativity, then you should consider using corner frames. These frames are deceptively simple but can be used to create natural looking art forms.
Corner frames help you to arrange photos ingeniously to make it look natural and intriguing. These frames are usually bent at an angle to make photos on one half of the frame exactly at right angle to the other half. Such an arrangement almost gives a three dimensional view to viewers. Corner frames are great when you have photos based on certain themes. Just by being a little creative, you can arrange your photos in different ways to convey different meanings. The only downside is you have to place a corner frames in corners of walls or in places that have bent projection.

3. Recycled camera focus lens cuff
If you want to have camera focus lens in the form of cuff or bracelet, then you should consider this. Camera focus lens cuffs are designed by Craig Arnold by recycling camera lenses. The cuffs are available in wide range of designs ranging from broad cuffs to thin sterling silver. Additionally, the cuffs are reasonably priced. Some photographers might not prefer this as it gives a girlish look, but if you are comfortable wearing handcuffs or bracelet, then you can go for this.

Recycled camera focus lens cuff

4. Inflatable Photo studio
Having an inflatable photo studio that is easy to carry is certainly going to help any photographer. You can use such inflatable photo studios at weddings, parties, or while shooting in jungles where you don’t get any facilities. Made of light resistant high-grade black plastic, you can have your readymade photo studio within 2-3 minutes, and this would save you from having to spend time and money on booking studio space. However, on the downside, you need to take certain precautions like avoiding smoking, cooking, or anything that can produce heat. Additionally, you need to know what to do in case of thunderstorm or flashflood that are likely to deflate an inflated studio.

5. Solar powered camera strap
Embedding solar cells directly on electronic devices is not advisable, as that would mean leaving the device directly under sunlight to absorb solar energy. But having it embedded on a camera strap is an ideal solution for placing solar cells and the strap can act as an external charger to feed energy directly to a camera battery. So if you want to avoid dead camera batteries, you needn’t have to carry spare batteries but just have a solar powered camera strap. The camera strap is fixed with tiny flexible solar panels, which capture solar energy while shooting in daylight, and charges the solar batteries built into each end of the strap. With solar powered strap, your camera can be safely inside your camera bag while the camera strap charges the batteries.

Solar powered camera strap

6. Camera USB Drive
If you are bored of carrying rectangular flash drives, you can consider using this finely detailed USB drive, which is a replica of DSLR with a storage capacity of 4GB. This miniature USB drive is not attached to the camera but is housed in the camera lens, which means you can use this drive in a wide range of USB ports. Additionally, it is compatible with Macs and other PCs, so you can use this device to transfer your photos and files on any computer.

4 GB Camera shape USB Flash drive

7. Level Camera Cube
Be it macrophotography or microphotography, or action photography, you may sometimes have to level your focus accurately to get a finer precision. If you want to achieve a finer degree of accuracy in capturing images, you can use level cubes. Level cubes can be used for both cameras as well as telescopes. It is a useful gadget for DSLR camera to get that perfect shot. You need to keep the spirit level cube on the flash mount on top of your camera and align the bubbles of the cube to set up a straight line. You can use this handy little piece on tripod or while holding a camera in your hands.

Tri-axis Cube Level with Shoe Mount

Photography is an expansive art form and having right gadgets can make your photography experience interesting. Apart from havng good basic equipments, every photographer must also have some essential gadgets. Gadgets like spy lenses, solar powered camera strap, level cube, or inflatable photo studio are worth having irrespective of the type of photography you do. You won’t know when you might them and having it handy could definitely save a lot of time and energy. Additionally, you can have some cool gadgets such as corner frames or photoshop fridge magnets to help you to be more creative in presenting your photos.

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