I came across the work of Alexia Sinclair the other day on Profoto’s site and had to share this video and some links to her work. If you are looking for some fresh portrait inspiration look no further. She was allowed to shoot at Skokloster Castle which is a 17th century Baroque Castle outside of Stockholm. She ended up producing a series of work titled “A Frozen Tale” and the work is absolutely stunning. The lighting of many of the images has a very Vermeer style to it and it feels like a magical glow coming in from the windows. A lot of it is done in post production but that still doesn’t take away from the magic of these images. Take a minute to check out her site and get inspired:

You can buy originals from this series at her site. She is also doing a larger scale print run on one of the images that you can purchase for just $300. I think it might serve as some great inspiration for my office 🙂 Check it out here: Alexia Sinclair Print.

A Frozen Tale from Sinclair & Hill on Vimeo.

She also offers video tutorials on how she does the post processing and they look interesting. I haven’t watched them so can’t vouch for them but based on her work they might be a good way to learn some artistic retouching. Check out her tutorial classes here: Alexia Sinclair Tutorials.

Tutorials with Alexia Sinclair from Sinclair & Hill on Vimeo.

©Alexia Sinclair

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