We covered one of Phil Steele’s training video series awhile back – Steel Training’s Flash Photography Video Course and today have a really great deal from him for his 13 part video series on learning Photoshop. If you are just getting started with Photoshop or have only scratched the surface this video series covers all of the essentials you will need to become an expert in Photoshop. There is so much to learn in Photoshop and these videos give you easy to understand training along with sample images that you can follow along with as you learn. They make learning Photoshop easy and fun and I definitely recommend this series if you are looking to learn Photoshop.

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Here are the topics covered in this 13 part video series:
VIDEO 1: The Photoshop Workspace
No more feeling like you’re lost in the cockpit of a 747! Now you’ll know how to find, arrange, and use the Tools and Palettes, and how to work in Photoshop the easy way.

VIDEO 2: Understanding Layers (plus 5 reasons to use them!)
The single most important topic in Photoshop—Layers—finally explained in clear language, with examples you can understand. After this you’ll be a layer-loving fanatic!

VIDEO 3: Adjusting Exposure with Levels
The easy, one-minute trick that lets you rescue a poorly exposed photo, or make an ordinary photo extraordinary.

VIDEO 4: Adjusting Contrast with Curves
Want to know how the pros make their photos “pop?” Now you’ll be able to do it to yours in seconds. Also, turn a boring sky into a stunning scene with one quick adjustment in Curves.

VIDEO 5: Color Correction
No more weird color casts in your photos. Now you can instantly correct colors, or even rescue an aged print, using the fast Curves method or the professional eyedropper technique.

VIDEO 6: Using Layer Masks
Perhaps the most powerful (and most confusing) technique in Photoshop finally demonstrated in a way you can understand! This was the hardest step for me in learning Photoshop, so I take extra care to make it easy and “dummy proof” for you.

VIDEO 7 & 8: Portrait Retouching
Blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, whitening eyes and teeth, and professional, glamour-magazine-quality skin softening. Now your portraits will look amazing and your clients will love you forever.

VIDEO 9 & 10: Removing Unwanted Objects or People
Erase those annoying people or obstructions that are spoiling your shot! You’ll learn how to use cloning, healing, quick masks, and selections to “doctor” any photo easily and invisibly.

VIDEO 11: Cropping, Resizing and Resampling
If you don’t know the differences between these methods and the pros and cons of each you could be needlessly damaging your photos. After this lesson, you’ll know when and how to resize your photos in the way that makes them look best.

VIDEO 12: Sharpening Your Photos
Should you sharpen every photo? How much is too much? Learn when to sharpen and how to choose the right settings for any kind of photo to get that crisp, professional look.

VIDEO 13: Saving Photos for the Web, Email or Print
You’ve created a beautiful photo! So don’t blow it now! Learn the right way to save your file for different media and devices, to show your work at its stunning best.

Check out an sample clip here:

Click on the banner below to learn more. Also for our readers Phil is discounting the video series 30% for the next week only! The link will take you to a special page for Digital Photo Buzz readers.

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