One look I have always loved that can give your portraits that unique edge is using a Tilt-Shift lens (or photoshop method) to create portraits with. There are so many cool things you can do with Tilt-Shift lenses, from creating miniature landscapes to really cool portraits. For portraits tilt shift lenses can really create a powerful image by focusing the viewers eye on a certain part of the shot and controlling depth of field in a unreal type of way. Check out these awesome tilt-shift portraits for a little Monday inspiration.

Also if you want to check out some cool examples of Tilt-Shift photography for cityscapes and landscapes, check out this collection: 10 amazing examples of tilt shift photography. And if you want a quick tutorial on how to make a tilt-shift looking photo using Photoshop check this out: How to make a tilt-shift photo in Photoshop.


Portrait - Tilt/Shift

Minga against a birch


Fran tilt-shifted



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