Over the years many of our top shared and requested articles have been covering Lightroom and how to get started. Today I wanted to share our top 10 Lightroom articles that can help you get the most out of Lightroom:

1) What’s a catalog in Lightroom? Before even getting into how Lightroom works, this article gives some good foundation and terminology so once you start going with Lightroom you will get started on the right foot.

2) Getting started with Lightroom – importing images. There is much more to importing your images than just adding them into Lightroom, choice like how you name the files to categroize them make a big difference. This overview will cover the basics on importing your files.

3) Using a Develop Preset when importing your images in Lightroom. When you are importing you can apply any develop presets to get a head start on your editing.

4) Lightroom develop module video overview. Get a good top level overview of the Lightroom develop module.

5) Using the Lightroom cropping tool. The cropping tool in Lightroom can do so much more than just a simple quick crop, check out how to use this tool effectively.


6) Using the before and after view in Lightroom. Learn some tips to compare your images in Lightroom.

7) Displaying additional info in the Develop module in Lightroom. Here you will learn how to fine tune Lightroom to see specific details of your images while in the Develop module.


8) Overview of the Lightroom map feature. Check out how you can use the map feature in Lightroom to help locate your images.

9) Overview of the book module in Lightroom. The book module can be a great way to create quick and easy book layouts from your images in Lightroom.

10) For our last article we have a list of some really great quick tips and tricks that will help you to be efficient with Lightroom. Check it out here: Top 10 Lightroom Tips & Tricks.

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