I’ve posted a few articles about audio in the past and today wanted to share a great comparison. For my own wedding work i’ve done a lot of experimentation with shooting DSLR video for artistic fusion movies and am still learning a ton about audio and video. It’s a whole new world but a great creative outlet that I do really love the more and more I shoot video. You can check out one of our past articles here for a little more info on what I am doing: Recording Audio with 7d built in mic vs shotgun and lav mic

While the video below isn’t going to give you any inspiration to get out and shoot it gives a great comparison between 3 very common ways to capture audio on your DSLR. Watch the video compare the Rode Vid Mic Pro, the Audio Technica ATR-3350, and the Zoom H1 recorder.

and for those of you who need a little inspiration to capture some video on your DSLR check out this amazing wedding video:

Neda + Sati “A Marriage of Two Cultures” from Rob Bagot on Vimeo.

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